Mircolot 2248 – 水洗

香港從來不是一個咖啡生產區域,但仍適合種植某些品種,如阿拉比卡卡圖拉。位於粉嶺的OFarm於2001年偶然開始種植咖啡樹。2020年,seedtocuphk 啡農開始嘗試處理收成並探索在香港種植的咖啡風味。


Hong Kong was never a coffee production region, but it is still suitable for growing certain varieties like arabica caturra. Located in Fanling, OFarm began planting coffee trees by accident in 2001. In 2020, a new brand called seedtocuphk 啡農 attempted to process the harvests and explore the flavor of coffee grown in Hong Kong.

The washed process is the traditional method of processing coffee beans. While it is easy, it is also very important for coffee growers. This process has the least amount of fermentation compared to other methods, which helps preserve the original flavor of the coffee plant. It is especially important for coffee growers to review the health of the plantation and the climate of the harvest year.

採收日期 Harvest Date : 19/11/2022

果實糖度 Brix: 23

處理法 Process: 水洗 Washed


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